Cupcakes by Maya began not as a business, but as an experience. I’ve always enjoyed baking for friends and family, so you can say it began around the dinner table with those dearest to me. Just like the turkey at Thanksgiving, or the fresh salads on the Fourth of July, I’ve always felt that the delectable desserts you share with those closest to you should have a unique, homemade touch, rather than a conventional, store-bought taste.

For that reason, Cupcakes by Maya is all about the process.

All desserts are made from scratch, and not pre-made – and this includes EVERYTHING. From fillings to frostings, to delicious marshmallow fondants, you’ll get a result that’s not only visually pleasing, but has that moist, succulent taste that should be expected.

As a customer, you’ll get to share your ideas with me, by phone or in person, and we’ll brainstorm until we have an idea that fits perfectly for your unique occasion. 

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